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Foster Care Services
Supporting Foster Children
and the Foster Parents Who Care for Them

When it is unsafe for a child to live with their family or guardian, they are placed in foster care. The goal of our foster care program is to provide stable, safe, clean housing for children from birth to age 21.

At Lorene's Place II, we

While a child is in foster care, their biological family has the opportunity to stabilize their behavior so that they may be reunited with their child. Family members may receive counseling and other support with the goal of creating a safe and stable environment for their child. 

Although our agency specializes in serving minority children and their families, we serve all children regardless of their cultural, ethnic, or religious background.

Foster parents are responsible for a child's day-to-day care including ensuring that they attend school and addressing any health issues. These temporary caregivers provide food, shelter, clothing, and nurturing. All foster parents require state certification and are remunerated for their services either by the state or charitable foundations.

Being a foster parent can be a rewarding experience for individuals who love children or working with them. Becoming a certified foster parent can be a time consuming process. Once you become a foster parent, the personal satisfaction you gain from helping a child feel secure and cared for during a difficult time is a reward beyond compare.

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Our Motto

No child is left behind or turned away... we help all who enter our doors.

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