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Frequently Asked Questions
About Foster Parenting

Q. What kind of support services do Lorene's Place II foster parents receive?

Q. How long do children typically stay with a foster parent?

The initial goal for each child is reunification with their biological family. The child's placement in a foster home depends on the progress of the case plan. Receiving care is typically up to 90 days and long term care begins after the 90 day period.

Q. Is the placement of children in my home at my discretion?

Yes. As a foster parent, you have the right to approve any placement in your home. If a placement does not work out, you can request a removal without any consequences.

Q. What are the agency expectations of foster parents?

Lorene's Place II expects foster parents to care for their foster children as they would for their own children.

Q. Can you become a foster or adoptive parent if you have a disability?

Before getting licensed, your doctor will need to provide authorization that you are able to provide for children and do not have a limited capacity to parent.

Q: Do I have to have children of my own to become a foster parent?

No. Many foster parents do not have children of their own.

Q: Can I become foster parent if I'm retired?

Yes. There is no maximum age to be a foster parent as long as you are in general good health and free from communicable diseases.

Q: If I am a foster parent, can I be employed outside the home?

Yes as long as the foster parent is able to meet the needs of the foster child.

Q: Do foster parents get paid to foster children in their home?

Foster parents receive adequate compensation to cover expenses for the foster children in their care.

Q: Will I be involved with the biological parents if I foster their child?


Contact us for more information about becoming a foster parent.

Foster parents care for their foster children as would for their own children.

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